Bill Bensley , 2023

Acrylic on canvas
120 × 120 cm , 47.2 × 47.2 inch

Thousands gathered to bear witness of the marriage of the Prince Jyarvaman to the elder Tigress Princess of the Khmer Hinterlands. And none other than Siri, the Priestess
of Tigerhead Knowledge was to marry them. It was rumoured that, on the night of the wedding, the boy prince was to turn into a baboon. Siri knew this too. The prince, unsure if the predictions of the wise baboon were true or not, decided to go ahead anyway as everyone had turned up for the occassion and all were in a party mood.
The moral of this story is that being kind and happy in love is far more important than looking like a baboon. Looks dont last and a lifetime a partnership full of smiles and laughter was the best one could wish for in life. They lived a long cheerful life with many radiant children and gorgeous green dogs.