A group exhibition in support of
Shinta Mani Foundation & The Cardamom Forest
Bill Bensley
Kate Spencer
Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch
Underwood Factory Phuket
Trey Hurst
Mook Vinyaratn
Aubrey Kurlansky
Palat Charoenthaitawee
Eric Raisina
Bruce Pashak
Jack (Arunsak Paopuree)

with special participation by
Jim Thompson and Baker McGuire
and a guest appearance by
Dr. Suwanna Gauntlett of Wildlife Alliance

Call Of The Cardamoms at House On Sathorn

from May02 – May30, 2024







Living on St Kitts in the Caribbean Kate is surrounded by nature and colour and the beauty of the natural world suffuses her paintings in her choice of colours and hues. Acclaimed by Bill as the reason he started painting. Kate is a long time collaborator with Bensley.

“Wildlife is a fabulous subject to paint. Studying these gorgeous animals has opened my eyes as to their intense beauty. My favourite painting,
SERVES HIM RIGHT!, is one where the wildlife makes a meal of poacher!”



Aubrey loves to paint, design, photograph, and to make beautiful images.
He especially loves to make silk scarves.

For this exhibition he pays homage to the most trafficked animal – the Pangolin,
as well as celebrating other creatures found in the Cardamom forest, like the Sun Bear and the Clouded Leopard.
“When i was a boy I wanted to be a marine biologist. Instead I went to art school and became a designer and artist.

My love for nature has grown as I have gotten older and to be able to play a part in its protection by adding my art to this show,
is truly a great honour for me. The Call of the Cardamoms is actually The Cry of our Planet, which we ignore at our peril”


Trey Hurst is a visual artist and designer, born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. His abstract work is an exercise in Pattern-Building, using simple and repetitive brushwork. Hurst’s portfolio consists mostly of abstract ink and watercolor drawings on handmade Saa paper, and bold paintings on raw canvas. Hurst draws inspiration fromthe constant making and remaking of patterns in our built environment,
the lines and grids of urban infrastructure, and the ways in which our man made structures interact with nature.
“This series is my celebration of the birds of the Cardamom Forest, I studied the colors and patterns of each closely and tried to help these beautiful little birds be even more grand. I was inspired by 6 distinct birds, drawing from the colors and textures of their plumage, to build an abstract version of each.
The 6 birds are meant to sing together, each in their own richly saturated background.”



Bruce Pashak is a Canadian artist with working studios in Gander and Fogo Island, Newfoundland. Pashak is a multidisciplinary artist who uses imagery, text and technology to create abstracted anti-narratives that both affirm culturally-encoded associations and break free of these limitations. The images become an experience, a slippery personal tour through existentialism where the meaningful is unhinged and the meaningless finds its private value. He creates art forms as playgrounds for the imagination. Pashak calls them, “riddles that you might try to puzzle out but never need to solve.”



I was born and grew up in the Northeast of Thailand. When I was older I went to study in Bangkok. As as time passed and memories faded away little by little, I felt the need to commit my memories to painting to relay my impressions and feelings through 2-dimensional artworks. These paintings represent some of my collected memories.



P45 SPACE is a leading manufacturer for high end furniture in Thailand with
a list of clients from hospitality to retail. PALAT SPACE is a design and consultancy firm focusing on commercial projects and private residences.

Palat Charoenthaitawee was born in Bangkok, Thailand and possesses over twenty years of experience producing furnitures and leading design projects around the region for prominent names such as renowned architect
Bill Bensley, European luxury fashion houses Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co.
and leading hotels such as Shinta Mani, AMAN and Four Seasons.
“We often find ourselves as the main reason for all the troubles in the world, which holds true. Therefore, let us actively engage in crafting solutions to rectify them. True living encompasses not only our individual well-being but also our collective harmony with every soul on this planet. It’s time for everyone to live with individual responsibility towards all existing souls on the planet, not just for the sake of mankind. And I’m honored to be one voice for it.
We must acknowledge that our existence cannot thrive at the expense
of extinguishing other life forms”