The HOFSKIRKJA the only church left with a grass roof in iceland 1880

Bill Bensley , 2023

Acrylic on canvas
120 × 120 cm , 47.2 × 47.2 inch

Just to the west of Famjin is a minuscule pond called Church Lake.By way of a small hot water spring at the bottom of the lake her waters aresometimes as warm as 15 C. Here the FKC gather on Sunday afternoons toskinny dip, drink copious amount of Rosé and listen to Rihanna. In 2007Rihanna released her 3rd album Good Girl Gone Bad. Not surprisingly thisresonated with Buttercup, Sue and the ladies for life!In 2022, they loved the idea that she, as a single mum, flaunted her babybump. So much so, they raised the money to have a fiberglass life size modelof Rihanna commissioned and installed on the edge of the lake. Buttercupthought it was too small so she had a second one made and placed themback to back. Buttercup thought that was the business and the others agreed.Two Rihannas are better that one!

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